Awarding of the tender for the technical assistance service for the press and multimedia content for the Fundación Deportiva Municipal de València

Grupo Nostresport is awarded for the third time the tender for the technical assistance service for the press and creation of multimedia content for the Autonomous Body Fundación Deportiva Municipal de València.
In this way, from November 2020 and for a period of two years, this service will be provided, which includes the audiovisual production of the contents of said organization.

Challenge 2000 Streaming

Challenge 2000 streaming. An athletics event organized by Cárnicas Serrano and Valencia Ciudad del Running with Toni Abadía, Carlos Mayo and Juan Antonio “Chiki” Pérez.

The event took place behind closed doors because of COVID-19 at 9pm on Friday, June 26th, on the athletics tracks of the Turia river in Valencia. The streaming was carried out by remote transmission units. We work with three operated cameras and it comprises interviews, announcers or graphics.

Caixa Popular Duathlon Clubs League

Nostresport TV will perform the aftermovies of the 2020 Caixa Popular Duathlon Clubs League  of the Valencian Triathlon Federation.

It is a duathlon circuit, bike and foot race, which is played by teams from different triathlon clubs. As a novelty this year, the Caixa Popular Clubs League will have two venues in mixed relay mode, where men and women will have to compete together, thus increase the importance of teamworking and promotes female participation.

The strongest women’s and men’s clubs of the 2019 season will compete in the first division, including CEA Bétera, women’s winner, and C.T Huracán The Bike Run,men’s winner. A total of 57 teams have confirmed their participation in the first and second divisions.

Caixa Popular Duathlon Clubs League 2020 hosts: 

    • 19/01/2020 Duatló per Equips Vila d’Almenara.
    • 02/02/2020 Duatló per Relleus Castelló, Ribera Alta.

    • 07/03/2020 Duatló d’Ontinyent.

  • 09/05/2020 Triatló per Equips Cullera.
  • 31/05/2020 Triatló per Relleus Bétera.
  • 14/06/2020 Triatló Port de Castelló.

The races scheduled after Ontinyent Duathlon have been suspended due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

Viator Barbarians Spot

Viator Barbarians is a rugby club founded in 2005. The club is composed by different rugby clubs and nationalities players. The purpose of the Club is to participate in the best National and International Rugby Sevens Tournaments.
The goal of this audiovisual project was to develop a brief presentation spot of the team. The recording took place during the 2019 Elche 7 tournement.

Sport and Gestation Report

Report produced for the Spanish Higher Sports Council on the occasion of the European Sports Week.

The purpose of the video was to explain the benefits of physical activity, with medical prescription, during pregnancy.

For this project, carried out between Valencia and Madrid, we present several cases of different profiles women, from elite athletes to amateurs sportswomen, specialists in pregnancy or sports coaches, in order to collect testimonies on how maintaining physical activity during the pregnancy carries benefices.

La Vila rugby stages

The Costa Blanca Rugby Club offers, among its services, preparation stages for professional rugby teams. Holds in the magnificent sports and tourist facilities of Villajoyosa. From Nostresport TV we collect some video news of the last stages held.

March 20: Russian women’s rugby team 7 at La Vila:

January 20: French Women’s Rugby team stage at Villajoyosa

November 19: Russian women’s rugby team 15 stage at La Vila: