Viator Barbarians Spot

Viator Barbarians is a rugby club founded in 2005. The club is composed by different rugby clubs and nationalities players. The purpose of the Club is to participate in the best National and International Rugby Sevens Tournaments.
The goal of this audiovisual project was to develop a brief presentation spot of the team. The recording took place during the 2019 Elche 7 tournement.

Sport and Gestation Report

Report produced for the Spanish Higher Sports Council on the occasion of the European Sports Week.

The purpose of the video was to explain the benefits of physical activity, with medical prescription, during pregnancy.

For this project, carried out between Valencia and Madrid, we present several cases of different profiles women, from elite athletes to amateurs sportswomen, specialists in pregnancy or sports coaches, in order to collect testimonies on how maintaining physical activity during the pregnancy carries benefices.